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I love Regina in every single way, but I gotta say, there was something truly spectacular about Neverland!Regina.


I mean come on


She’s on an island in a blue fucking blazer


Looking ready for a fucking runway


Look at this spectacular human being


Fucking fabulous


I could have watched an entire series of just Regina Mills in Neverland


#can we talk about this #because man do you realize what he just said #he created a character two decades ago that ended up loosely based off sophia #because he added the qualities and flaws that made his character perfect in his eyes #and then he met kate beckett #and she reminded him of that character #of that perfect human being he spent years daydreaming about #oh god #shoot me in the feelings #no seriously take this show away from me i don’t want it anymore i’m done #i did not sign up for this #also they look at each other like they are the most incredible thing in this world #on my end i just look at them like the two idiots who ruined my life #the worst show


(Fonte: redemancy)

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